Monthly SEO Contest

If you have skills, you deserve the rewards! As A member of SEO community, we endeavor to find out SEO talents and present them to the world. We are arranging Search Engine Optimization contest every month. In this contest, we will evaluate your analytical and link building skills. The participant with top quality link/links will receive $300. Second and third toppers will be mentioned on our website with their name and photo.

October 2017 SEO contest:

Write a high quality and originally researched article on the topic of any part of digital marketing, get it published on a high authority website/blog. The article must contain a link back to SundryDigital. You can also point any inner page of our website if relevant.


Build 5 backlinks to our website from high authority relevant websites.

Each contestant’s link/links will be closely analyzed for quality score. The participant with the highest quality link will be declared as the winner.

(Please note, this is not a raffle draw. The winner will be selected based on the quality score of their work)


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