Customer Support

Customer support is an essential step for any kind of business especially if the company cares about long-term success and sustainability. Once upon a time, the customer relied upon personal service and support or, phone support at most. Nowadays, the idea of customer service has been versatile.  Customers now use social media and businesses are being forced to have social media presentations due to the shift in customer’s interest. Many organization utilizes live chat support having real persons sitting in the office or, call center acting as live chat agent. Many businesses prefer to have email support ticket systems. In a modern dynamic business environment, smart organizations prefer to keep all of the customer support channel open for the customer coming from a wide range of backgrounds. Here in SundryDigital, we have a well-trained, dynamic team of customer support and service equipped with all modern techniques and technologies. We provide cutting age solutions to your customer support needs.

Customer Support ServiceWhy outsource Customer Support department?

It’s always good to have an outsourced team of customer support agents for the following reasons:

  1. They will be working while you are sleeping enabling you to have 24/7 live chat support system or, responding your incoming emails within a matter of hours or even minutes.
  2. This is cost effective solutions which help you to invest your business resources to more profit-making sectors. Why should you pay more when you can get the sale level of service at a lower cost?
  3. Outsourcing your customer support department helps you concentrate more on profit making unit of the business. Keep your office structure really simple and easy to manage.
  4. You Don’t Have to Train Your Employees, You’ll Take Pressure Off Your Administrative Staff, You Won’t Suffer from Poor Customer Service as Your Company Scales Up,


Live Chat Support Service

We work as you’re on demand freelance live chat agent dedicated to providing you one-stop solution. We will handle all of your customer questions and complaints and escalate them to you as instructed. You can set live chat support program on your e-commerce sites like WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Opencart etc. We will help customers to find their desired products or, answer their questions relating to the technical details of the product or, delivery service or, the after-sale service. It is believed that have live chat support program helps increasing sales

Email Response handling service

You may receive loads of emails from existing or, potential customers asking questions about product/service details or, filing complaints. Responding to your customer queries on due course increases your reputation and helps to retain your customer for long-term with your business. Our dedicated email support team will respond to every incoming email within a preset time frame leaving you out of a headache.

Social Media Customer Service

In the ever-changing IT environment, customers are rapidly switching towards social media. They prefer to ask questions or, file complaints on social media pages rather than going to your website to send an email and wait for 1 or, 2 days for a reply. These incoming customer communication flow within social media should be responded duly otherwise negative customer impression may result.

Reputation management service

Many unhappy customers may choose to go to review rating websites and put their bad experience with your business. Whereas, people don’t usually go to third-party review sites if they are happy in dealing with your business. If the potential customers see the only negative reviews about your business, they may be reluctant to do business with you. Therefore, these third-party website reviews need to be handled properly. Our trained reputation management team will offset your negative reviews with positive reviews and contact to the unhappy customers to make things goods and remove their reviews.



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