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Reach to more customers; get more views & Boost Your Sales. Organic SEO can give around 10 times more return than your paid ad campaign (PPC)

Professional Listing and Comprehensive SEO can boost your Amazon ranking and sales in a matter of days!

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Your market share is about 1/5 of what it should be just because you don’t know what keywords and phrases the customers use to find the products you are offering.

Our Search Engine Optimized Amazon listing service can help your product to reach to 10x more potential customers. We make it happen because we know the Amazon Search Engine’s (A9) Secret Recipe!

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Our professional team that includes ex-Amazon employees will do a very comprehensive keyword research and analysis using modern data mining technology to figure out all the sets keywords and phrases customers use to search your product. These data are based on the actual Amazon search engine’s search history of past 12 months. Based on our experience in working with many Amazon clients (from USA, UK, Australia, Canada etc.), we are pretty much confident that you will find working with us was the most profitable investment that you ever made in Amazon.

Why Work With Us?

  • Guaranteed increase in sales!

100% of our clients have increased their sales after using our Amazon SEO service. There is no record of disappointment. This is because we know exactly what we do. In case your sales do not increase, we will happily refund your money!

  • Highly qualified team including Ex-Amazon Employee!

All of our team members are digital marketing graduate. Some of them used to work with Amazon itself.

  • Affordable price!

Your cost is 5-10 times less than in house development or, working with your local agencies!

  • Stringent Quality Control!

You don’t have to worry about quality. Our team leaders constantly monitor team member’s work and quality controllers do their job before delivery of each project

  • Quick Response! Feel like working in-house!

Our dedicated customer support team will respond to your query momentarily during office hours. Ideally, you will never wait more than 8 hour for a reply even if you contact us during off peak.

  • Confidentiality and professional integrity!

We maintain highest level of professional integrity and respect the confidentiality of your valuable business information.

  • Fast Turnover/On-Time Delivery!

Our team is always ready to welcome new assignments. Ideally, your project starts within 1 day and our dedicated member/members work hard until your project is accomplished.


1.       Keyword Research & Analysis Comprehensive keyword research and analysis for every product!
2.       Title & Category Optimization Keyword enriched Product title and category optimization
3.       Bullet Points Optimization Short Yet informative Bullets serves all the basic info buyers look for
4.       Search Terms Optimization Nearly 3,000-5,000 Relevant Search Terms used for every product
5.       Picture Optimization Proper Size, Color Combination, Alt Tags etc.
6.       Description Optimization Appealing product copy with HTML formatting that encourages to buy
7.       Backend Optimization Proper fulfillment of all the details in the backend


  1. Keyword Research and analysis: This is the first step of Amazon SEO. Amazon is also a huge search engine. People go to Google for information; people come to Amazon for buying products. Thousands of the customers use thousands of variety of keyword/phrases to find a common product. In order to optimize a product page effectively, you need to know what those keywords/phrases are and use them efficiently in your product page. The rests should go to search term fields. This is how your Amazon listing will respond to any of the customer queries.
  2. Title and Category Optimization: product title is the most important SEO factor. The title should be keyword enriched with optimal length to adhere Amazon policy. The keywords should be placed methodically to get the most out of the Title field. Using proper category and sub-category is another important factor. Many listings remain inactive just because of using improper category and sub-category.
  3. Bullet points/Key Features Optimization: Customers normally look at the bullet points after the title. Here, they want to learn all the product features at a glance. A short yet informative set of Bullet points is helpful to the buyers for making their buying decision. Many customers don’t even read the product descriptions. They just read the bullet points.
  4. Search Terms Optimization: Most important SEO works perhaps in the backend. Amazon provides 5 fields of search term allowing putting 1,000 characters of search terms in each field. You may not be able to incorporate all the potential keywords within the title, bullet and description. Likewise, keyword staffing is strictly prohibited by any search engine. The search term fields however allow you to do keyword stuffing in a legal way. Efficient use of the search terms will make sure you used all the potential keywords of the product so that your product responds to each search of your product. Remember, the buyers not just use the main keywords to find your product. They use different variations and phrases of the same keyword. Thus, keyword diversification is extremely helpful to make sure your item responds to all the related searches.
  5. Picture Optimization:– Many searchers click on the items solely because they liked the picture showing the product. Therefore, clear visualization, appropriate size, alter tag optimization are very important SEO factors.
  6. Description Optimization: Unlike eBay, Amazon has a plain text box where you can’t automatically format the texts. Therefore, using no HTML coding will give you horrible presentation of your description. This sort of unorganized description is hard to read and users easily avoid despite carrying significant information which could help user making buying decision.



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